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Illuminati Sends Woman to Set up Chris Brown like they did Bill Cosby


Illuminati Sends Woman to Set up Chris Brown like they did Bill Cosby

Eric Wachosky an illuminati insider claims they are trying to build a case against Chris brown the same way they did Bill Cosby to ruin him and put him in jail for life.

“I know these people and they ain’t playing no games, once they make you a target it’s only a matter of time, I saw what they did to Bill he was loved and now his legacy is ruined and the same people are now after Chris, I feel bad for him” — Wachosky

Now if you think these claims are just crazy conspiracy talk Eric tells us a young woman named Danielle Patti is the first to come forward with fabricated claims in order to set the temperature for the future cases that will be brought against him.

The woman claiming to be Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend didn’t get the restraining order she requested after failing to produce any evidence she’d ever dated the singer.

Danielle Patti got her day in court to back up her bizarre claims — that she and CB hooked up last December and when they broke up, he started harassing and threatening her via text and social media.

She’d already been granted a temporary restraining order, but on Tuesday in a L.A. court a judge asked Patti to hand over proof of any threatening messages from Brown. She told the judge she’d erased them because they scare her and she “didn’t want the memories.”

She also admitted she didn’t have Chris’ phone number or email address after being grilled by Chris’ lawyers, Ben Meiseles and Setara Qassim.

The judge quickly tossed the case.

So what do you think is there a big conspiracy to bring down Chris Brown? Let us know in the comments.

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