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Rick Ross Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer After Weight Loss


Rick Ross Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer After Weight Loss


Hip-hop and celebrity news has been abuzz from recent photographs released by Rick Ross on his twitter account showing off his miraculous weight loss. Ross has apparently lost nearly a hundred pounds.
When asked how he did it, a tearful Ross went on to say, “several months ago, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Everyday I’m struggling. Every day, I’m…”bawled Ross. He continued, “Everyday I’m struggling.”
Needless to say, Ross has never looked better as he has shed the pounds.

Several hip-hop heavyweights have already chimed in. Wiz Khalifa went on record saying “it would be an honor to put the boss on a track” and “that wheelchair is hot.”
At a recent press conference, Ross pleaded with reporters to stop asking him for the secrets to his weight loss as he fell to his knees pleading to the heavens not to take him, but reporters prodded Ross with more questions. “Was it surgery or was it crack cocaine?

Crack cocaine is all the rage right now,” yelled TMZ reporter Kevin Macon.
“Stop it, you fools. I’m dying. A man is dying. What have I done with my life?” asked Ross stoically staring into the crowd of reporters seemingly looking beyond them into the great beyond which has terrified man for so long.

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